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St. John’s College can offer weekly, fortnightly, termly or 52-week residential placements at one of our five houses.

Each house is registered with Care Quality Commission and undergoes its own individual inspections. ԰ is a registered CQC provider, its Statement of Purpose outlines its registration details.

The support offered to residents is based on individual needs. Some may require assistance to carry out tasks such as washing and dressing. Other residents may need less or no support in these areas but require support with other tasks, such as budgeting and the skills required for semi-independent or independent living.

We maintain a focus on enabling residents to become active members of their local community, and so the majority of activities are based in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas.


Skills for adult life

All residents are supported and encouraged to develop their skills for living which are needed for adult life. This approach is individualised for each resident, based on their lived experience and preferred approach to learning. The 'waking day curriculum' is embedded throughout our residential settings and opportunities for developing and building upon functional skills, such as numeracy and literacy, happen every day. Money skills, shopping, food preparation, laundry, and household tasks are all core aspects of each resident’s programme. The residential teams work collaboratively with the education, wellbeing, and therapy teams to share information, best practices, and targets for each resident. This ensures that all teams work consistently and support all learners to reach their goals and aspirations.



As part of our responsibility to safeguard all learners at St. John's College, we must work within the legal guidelines of the and . DoLS is currently only applicable to residential learners.