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Family support

At St. John's College, we recognise that there are times when our learners and their families need additional advice and support.

The involvement of parents and carers is essential in helping learners make good progress. The more closely that college and home work together, the more effectively learning can take place.

We provide parents and carers with full and regular updates on their young person’s progress and arrange many informal and formal opportunities for parents and carers to be involved in college life. These include:

Transition reviews

From their earliest days in college, there are ongoing conversations with families about their young people's aspirations. Transition review meetings are held early in the last year of college to plan for the next stage of a young person’s life.

Our Transitions team can provide advice on the options available after college and will support learners and their families to find their preferred onward placement.

Annual reviews

This is a meeting to review and agree progress and set targets for the following year. We also use this meeting to update the learner’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, if necessary.

College events

All parents and carers are invited to attend a range of events throughout the year to celebrate our learners’ achievements.

Parent newsletters

Newsletters are sent out once per term to inform families about the learning for the term and offer advice on how to support learning at home.

Parent support group

is an online community for parents and carers of autistic children and young people, providing a safe space for parents to connect.